Saturday, 12 July, 2008

Om Nama Shivaya
Sri gurubhyo Namaha

The tamil desam has been blessed with a tremendous devotional legacy bequeathed by the our forefathers in form of vedic brahmins, bhajana sampradayams, tamil hymns, bhakthi literature, devotional music in form of nadopasana, theatre in form of theru koothu and not to mention the grandeur of temples which formed the fulcrum surrounding which all others forms flourished. The temples saivaite and vaishnavite alike have tremendous influence on the social lives of the people, not to mention the religious lives.

The kings of the past had patronised our religion and built towering temples with aesthetic architecture, many of which have withstood the tides of time and continue to provide solace to the devotees. However quiet a few temples have not been in good shape due to foreign invasions or vagaries of nature.

It becomes our duty now to renovate these temples and bring back the devotional vigour. This specially applies to those in our villages and small towns!

“To help perform the daily poojas and takingup renovation work of Good old village temple is a noble work as of constructing a new temple’’ KANCHI MAHA PERIAVA.

In this context, we wish to bring to your notice the renovation of temple at Nambarai village, about 3 Km from Thimiri town in Vellore district. Thimiri town is located in the road between Arcot and Arani towns. This is near the shataranya kshetrams worshipped by six great rishis coming under circumference of the arunachala hills, the parvata malai and kamandala naga nadhi. The activities commenced on holy Vaastu day on 26th July 2008 - Sarvadhaari Aadi 11, Bharani nakshatram, ashtami. There is active participation from the villagers. Sri Sankarananda Swamigal of Om Murugasramam of West Mambalam visited the site on 2nd August 2008 and blessed the volunteers and advised on future steps.

The temple at Nambarai village is dedicated to lord Gowriswarar with his consort Devi,
Kamakshi (also called Devi Maragathavalli). Both deities face east, whih is a rarity considering the normal norm of goddess facing south. Nandi bagawan faces the lod directly. This is one of the prarthanai stalams and devotees are reminded of their prayers fulfilled in period of 11 pradoshams.

The sthapathis estimate that this temple is about 900 – 1000 years old. The kodi maram is about 50-60 ft tall. The temple is now in a dilapidated state, however even in the current state, one could get the glimpse of the architectural and sculptural splendour once existed.

Coming back to Thimiri, it is a historical town, home to major wars as referenced in Purananuru. It is also home to navapaashana lingam - Sri Somanadheswarar by Kannikaparameswara andanar, the minister of one of smaller vijayanagara kings of Thimiri king Sadasiva rayar. There is also references to Bhogar (of Palani Sri Dhandayuthapani swami navapaashana moorthi) having visited Thimiri.

The estimated cost for renovation and consecration is estimated to take about 3.6 lakhs. The cost break-up is presented below. This is excluding the financial contribution and labour from the villagers. Devotees can take up the costs of any specific item from the below list.

Earnest support and prayers are sought from devotees for this holy endeavour.

With Best Regards,

Thiruppani Kuzhu

207, Elumalai Street,

Nanmangalam, Chennai 600 117

Ph 98841 26417; 93826 60648


dins said...

excellent presentation. keep it up.
With all good wish


good narration!!
nice fotos!,
any historical data available?
if there is 'kodimaram',then where are the UTSAVA IDOLS?
Are they kept safe?
pl. apply with cement companies,they will supply a part of need,
ok, wishes ,thanks,
May Lord .GOWRISHANKAR bless us!
yours, SLN.

T.H.Iyer said...

The divine fervour has entered your heart fully and Lord SIVA will use you as the instrument for executing the renovation work in the chosen temples.

My blessings and best wishes for your endeavour. anni also joins me in blessing you

sethuraman said...

I am proud to be the brother of Lakshminarayanan whose services towards God help us to get rid of every sufferings. Request once again to continue for well being of everyone. LOKAS SAMASTHA SUKINO BAVANTHU. Sivaya Namaha......

jaraki said...

while one should applaud Sri.Lakshminarayan's efforts, it is also necessary that local people and people from nearby villages and town should be induced to involve in the project. There are thousands of ancient temples in ruins crying for help. Some motivation is to be spread in every area to undertake the work.

IYER said...

Shivaya Namaha! As usual, you are doing unusal things! Your total devotion to "Iraipani", is really invigorating! I should specially thank you for sending daily sms on PANCHANGAM.
I feel immensely happy to get your attention and blessings. I look forward to take part in all your endeavours - however, little it may be!

Yours videyan,

Iyer Chandrasekaran